In May 2013, Britan Mills was living in Tulsa, as she watched her hometown of Shawnee be wrecked by an F6 tornado. The following day, Moore was also hit, damaging an incredible part of the state and claiming dozens of lives. As a teacher, Britan had a job to do, and was unable to join recovery efforts. ¬†She began doing all she felt she could do – collecting donated items to supply those who lost everything, and writing. Britan wrote a “Love Letter to Oklahoma,” which went viral. As it was shared online, she had an idea – to use it as an opportunity to aid Oklahomans. Thus, the book was born.

Love Letters to Oklahoma is a coffee table book which will consist of 50 love letters written to Oklahoma, by Oklahomans, with a corresponding photo matching the letter. Letters and Oklahoma photographs may be submitted until February 28th, 2014. Love Letters to Oklahoma will be published in the Spring of 2014, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting victims of the May 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes. If interested, please see submission details provided.

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